Weddings and Private Events in Nature

Here in Lutra, we have been producing weddings and events in nature for over ten years. We have undertaken this challenge due to our love for the diverse and dynamic character of such events. For us, it is a creative and unique field with a deep connection to nature and to working with people on their special day.
Over the years, we have developed unique and professional methods that help us create the perfect events that are the ideal balance between your dreams and budget.



The first step to every successful event begins with choosing the right location.
Lutra is highly experienced in producing events in various types of locations suited to every need. We will be happy to help you choose the perfect location for you.




Mor & Moran Wedding

Design and Equipment

Our events are absolutely stunning. We enjoy collaborating with reliable designers and vendors that will make all of your dreams come to life.

The world of design and decorations is broad and complex, and navigating it requires thorough exploration and attention to detail.

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The Couples

We wish that the peace of mind you experienced during the entire event planning process will accompany you throughout your  marital life.
We thank all of the lovely couples who have chosen Lutra.





About us

Otter has a reputation of 10 years with experience of hundreds of events of various types in Israel and abroad. Our office has 12 employees with experience and passion for work, to provide quality and tailored service to each client. Thanks to hard work and maintaining the values ​​we believe in - reliability, service and professionalism, we were able to grow properly and high and create a quality standard.

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